Interior House Painters in Melbourne

Renown Painters Melbourne has been providing house painting services for more than ten years with more than 200 projects completed ranging from small, single rooms to large-scale corporate projects. Our experience and expertise encompass a whole range of site conditions, requirements, finishes, techniques, and processes.

We are the leading household painters in Melbourne catering to varied clientele in the inner south east and bayside areas and the whole metropolitan area. Our interior painting services for residential clients are known for quality workmanship, elegant and durable finishes, as well as high customer satisfaction levels.

interior house painters in melbourneTo keep your interiors looking fresh and clean get in touch with the Renown Painters team. We can be onsite within 48 hours for a consultation to thresh out the details of your design requirements and scope of the project. Our team of master house painters Melbourne are also experts at evaluating the surfaces to be worked on to ensure that hidden damage is rectified before any painting or refinishing work is undertaken.

Our interior painting experience and services also covers interior decorating and color consulting advice so we can translate your color and style vision into reality. To us, your vision and personality are important elements that determine the results. We understand that the interior is where you live, work, and play most of the time. Ensuring that execution caters to your needs and requirements is very important to us because we want to get it right the first time. This is why we actively engage our customers throughout the project duration, especially during the planning phase, to ensure that it is your ideas and vision that are brought out in the finished work.

Consulting with us on your design and decorating ideas opens up a broad range of options for executing your vision. We can work on multitude of finishes and process such as bright-based color finishing, suede effect, lime washing, and many others. In addition, our Dulux-certified team are experts at mixing and matching paint colors as well as knowledgeable in suitability of different paint types for your project. We also have specialists in paint and finish for period homes who can refresh elegant interiors.

Among your most important concerns is how the project will impact your lifestyle and the objects inside your home. We have a reputation for having a low-key presence with virtually no impact on your habits and schedule. More importantly, our team has professional knowledge in preparing work areas so that furniture, fixtures, appliance and other objects are not affected by the painting work. We also go the extra step of helping you move heavy furniture and big or small pieces that need careful handling (pets included, we love them too!).

When you finally have that fresh interior that you envisioned you will be delighted to find out that our team leaves no trace at all that work has been done. We keep work areas neat and tidy and our team are also experts at cleaning up after the work. We will also leave you records of the touch-up paints, surface repairs done, and other information so that you have a reference for future work. We also keep similar records so that when you need to do additional work or just touch-up maintenance, our team can respond and implement your projects quicker.

If you need an exterior house painter melbourne we specialize in that as well! Give us a call today and chat to one of our friendly project managers.