Exterior House Painter Melbourne

exterior house painter melbourneQuality workmanship and high customer satisfaction levels come with every exterior residential painting project at Renown Painters Melbourne. We have over 10 years of experience providing a full range of painting services in the inner south east and bayside neighborhoods and the greater Melbourne metropolitan area and have completed more than 200 projects in that time.

Unlike other Melbourne house painters, we never have big or small projects. We only have you and your needs. Our master painters apply the same passion, dedication and workmanship whether your project is a huge, Victorian mansion or a small rental unit.

Renown Painters boasts expertise in different exterior surfaces such as:

  • Brick work
  • Weatherboards
  • Rendering
  • Steel
  • All types of fences
  • Deck staining and oiling
  • Wood-stained doors, windows, and other similar external features.

We have a reputation for delivering outstanding exterior painting results and high customer satisfaction levels. No matter what your requirements are, our team has the necessary expertise and more. Our quality workmanship comes from our team of experienced, qualified, reliable and dependable master painters who can work on any exterior surface.

More than that, Renown Painters set aside time for consulting with you even before the project begins. We believe that discussing your vision, ideas, and requirements are the key to achieving the desired results. Throughout the project you will be engaged as an integral member of the project to ensure that the team is responsive to your queries, concerns, ideas, and suggestions.

The consultation and planning phase is the crucial first step. Your vision combined with our expertise will yield results beyond your expectations. Renown Painters can recommend various materials, finishes, paint types, and other design elements that will enhance your vision. If you’re looking for interior house painting, we can integrate that into the project as well.

We are also known for a low-key site presence that means very minimal disruption to you and your family. Our work teams can have as many painters working at your site as you need without compromising our commitment to quality workmanship, low-key presence, and responsive customer service.

Whether you know it or not, your exterior paint finish is not purely decorative. It also protects your exteriors from the ravages of time, weather and climate. Our skilled team will ensure superior surface preparation, repairs, and rejuvenation (if needed) is included in the work plan to maximize the protection factor that the final finish can provide. Ensuring that all surface damage is addressed before painting is very important to us. This maximizes the surface adhesion of finishing materials and consequently raises the protection factor of the exterior finish.

Our strict adherence to occupational health and safety codes and rigid site safety guidelines will give you peace of mind. All our projects are covered by the necessary insurances and have been virtually injury/accident free throughout all our past projects.

We are also among the leading Melbourne painters who have a passion for the environment. This is why the work processes and techniques we use have been developed to have a very low environmental impact. Our work sites are kept neat, tidy and clean throughout the duration of the project so that your house doesn’t become an eyesore to the neighborhood. At the end of the project, our team transforms into clean up professionals who will restore your exterior areas leaving no trace of the work that has been undertaken.

Call us today to chat to one of our friendly project managers about your project.